Note: Do not purchase a lesson without calling first to check availability.

We love beginners of all ages that simply want to learn and have fun! Don't hesitate to learn to ride today or get back in the saddle and brush up your skills!



How long does a lesson last?  A lesson lasts approximately one hour for ages 7 and up and approximately 45 minutes for ages 2-6. A lesson will consist of learning how to groom and tack up your horse, Approx. 30 minutes of 'in the saddle' instruction and then how to untack and cool off your horse.

Do I have to Show? No, Horse Shows are not mandatory. You are welcome to just take lessons. Many of our riders love their weekly lessons and do not wish to show. However, we do offer participation in some shows throughout the year for students that wish to be a part of our show team. Horse Shows are a lot of fun and a great way to be rewarded for your improvement as a rider. 

Do I have to jump? No, we offer flat work classes for all ages. When you are ready to show you will show in the flat category. If you do not wish to jump please let us know so that we can cater your lesson appropriately. Young riders will not begin to jump until the instructor is confident in their ability and skill level.  We do not push students to perform feats they are not ready for. We believe that mastering the basics are the most important part of a riders lesson program.

We have been blessed with some exceptional school horses! The Three Crowns Farm staff will pair you with the best lesson horse(s) to suit your ability. You may use your own horse for lessons or one of ours.

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What type of rider are you?

Beginner - The rider with lots to learn.

Advanced Beginner - The rider that can trot/post on their own w/control.       

Intermediate - Cantering/Crossrails-2'

Advanced Intermediate - Cantering/Jumping Courses 

Advanced - Jumping 3' and above.

Pleasure Rider You have the basics. But, just want to improve.

We are PROUD to say that each and EVERY photo used on this site are all Three Crowns Farm photos. No 'Stock Photos' here! We hate to brag, but we do think we have the cutest horses, boarders, riders, students and campers in all the Bluegrass!

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Have questions? Please give us a call at 859-806-1000.

We teach beginner to advanced lessons to all ages in English Pleasure and Hunter/Jumper. As your riding skills progress you can choose to ride for fun, or show in local and statewide competitions. We have something for every rider and a path to choose for every Equestrian. 


How much do lessons cost? Lessons are $60 per lesson. A ten lesson package is $550   

What do I wear for a lesson? Long pants and close toed shoes are required for lessons. As you progress as a rider you may wish to purchase a pair of riding pants and paddock boots. Both will help you keep your seat in the saddle and use your leg and stirrups properly. Helmets are required and we have helmets of every size. However, if you have your own helmet - please bring it. As you progress in skills you may want to purchase a helmet of your very own.

Do I have to have my own horse? No, we offer wonderful lesson horses for a variety of skill levels. As you progress as a rider you may wish to lease or purchase a horse of your own. We will be happy to provide you with information on leasing or buying  and to assist you in finding the right horse for you.