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Choose your camp dates from the drop down menu below, then enter the name(s) of the camper(s) for our records. $100 of the camp price is non-refundable if you choose to change or drop out.

​​​PAY For Siblings Camp or Discounted 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. Camp Below

In this section you can purchase your additional camp(s) at the discounted price. If you have purchased one camp at full price, 2nd, 3rd, etc. camps are $20 off. Siblings camp(s) can be purchased here as well at $20 off.

Multiple Camp Discounts can not be combined with Sibling Discounts.

Choose your camp deposit here
Enter Campers Name(s) Here
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​​​​Choose the number of camps from the drop down menu, then enter the name(s) of the camper(s) for our records.​ Our summer camps fill up fast. A non-refundable camp deposit will secure your spot in the camp week(s) you choose. The balance will be due at drop off on the first morning of camp.

Thank you for your registration! Now, there is just one more step.

On this page you can pay your deposit or 'in full' using your credit card or paypal.

NOTE: If you have not filled out the Registration Form then you've missed a step. Please choose 'Camp Registration' from the drop down menu tool bar above and Register first, then pay.

There is a 3% fee with PayPal or credit card.