Choose the number of deposits you wish to make below. A $100 non-refundable deposit PER CAMPER/PER CAMP is required to register. 

It is important that you enter the name(s) of the camper(s) for our records to match up to the registration form.​  

Once you have paid your deposit(s), you may not receive an automatic response. You should receive something in 2-3 business days.

A week before your camp session begins you will receive an email of what to wear and bring to camp, as well as your balance due. 

Please bring your balance via cash or check on the first morning of camp at check in.  We will be unable to process credit cards at that time.

We will also have Venmo available.

Our camps fill up fast! This non-refundable camp deposit will secure your spot in the camp week(s) you choose. 

​​Note: There is a 4% fee charged for using PayPal or Credit Card​

Thank you for your registration form! Now, there is just one more step.

On this page you can pay your deposit or 'in full' using your credit card or paypal.

NOTE: If you have not filled out the Registration Form and you are already at this payment page, then you've missed a step. Please choose 'Camp Registration' from the drop down menu tool bar above and fill out the Registration Form first. Once complete it will direct you back to this page.

Please note you will receive notice in a few days that your registration was received. You will not get an immediate email after submitting payment so don't panic. A couple weeks before your camp you will receive an email thoroughly outlining our new COVID-19 check-in procedures and other information for this summer.

ATTN:  If site is difficult to navigate please use a PC or laptop. Portions of this site are not mobile friendly.

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Choose from the drop down menu below, then enter the name(s) of the camper(s) in order to match up payment with the registration form.  T-shirt, Extended Day, or early drop off fees will be collected the first day of camp. You will receive an email one week before your camp with some reminders of what to wear and bring and if there are any balances due for t-shirt orders, early-drop, extended day. Please bring cash or check for those the first morning of camp.  

We are so excited to see you this summer!

NOTE: $100 of the camp price is non-refundable if you choose to change weeks or drop out. Also note that all camp fees are non-refundable by May 1st.

There is a 4% fee charged for using PayPal or Credit Card

We can't wait to see our campers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for your registration form! 

Now, there is just one more step to pay your deposit or to pay in full.

 If you've completed your registration form, then scroll down and choose your payment options.

If you have reached this payment page, buthave not yet filled out a registration form, then you missed a step! PLEASE GO BACK to the drop down menu and choose 'camp registration'. Fill that form out first, then it will bring you right back to this spot. Otherwise, your payment will not match up with any registration form and your camper will NOT be registered for any camp.

Please note that you will not receive an immediate email after registration and payment. You should receive notice within 2 business days.

A PAYPAL account is not needed. You will be able to use your credit card once you make your camp selections below. If you prefer to Venmo then please text the number below.

Feel Free to call (859) 806-1000 with any questions.